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Re: [IP] weight

"I need help!  My endo insists on my losing 25 -30 pounds but every time I 
to alter my eating habits and exercise more I suffer from lows and just feel
lousy.  I am 5'6" and weight 150 and use around 55 -60u of humalog daily.  My
basal is 1.0 except for 2a -5a when it is 1.3.  I have consistent highs 
the night except for an occasional low.  Last time it was 44.  anyway, I was
wondering if anyone had any luck losing weight on the pump and could give me
some tips.  Thanks!"

My pump has made losing weight sooooo much easier!  I would suggest first you 
test your basal rates to make sure those are not causing you lows.  Once 
those are set it's much easier to figure out your insulin/carb. ratio.  I also 
found that when I got down to a certain weight I started getting low all the 
 time, even when I ate. My dr. said when you lose weight you have to adjust
too.  Hope that helps!  If you are not sure how to teat your basal rate and 
insulin/carb. rates read the book Pumping Insulin".
Lynn S.
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