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Re: [IP] Re: might not be pumping after all!

Hi Lori and all.

I have to pay 20% of the total price my insurance company has to pay. So,
the animas pump is $5000 and that leaves me $1000 to pay. I'm looking into
payment plans and so forth but not certain if I can swing it right now. I am
certain I will get one, and all advice given has been great, but I just
don't know if right now it would be a wise financial decision for me. I
dunno, I'll have to see.

Myself and my wife lost our second son Nathan at age 20 weeks on June 19.
Her water broke for no medical reason at all and the docs have no clue. Our
first pregnancy went perfect and our first son Nick is 16 months now. My
wife was in the hospital for 2 weeks and we got some hefty bills coming in
right now from that situation. On top of the stress/grief we are going
through, I'm not quite certain if I can convince the boss LOL to pinch out
the thousand bucks. I'd do it in a heartbeat but so much on our plate right
now timing may be the main hinderence right now if anything. I dunno.

> if it's considered in-network or 30% of the actual cost if the pump is out
> of network.  I know that my insurance company has a contract with MM but
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