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Re: Diet Rite -- was Re: [IP] Con of pumping

Okay.. I know that this is only my second post, but in some diabetics, caffine
can cause a elevated sugar reading or a decreased sugar reading or no effect
at all.
For the dehydration part, it is good to drink the requemended 8 8oz glasses of
water per day, but with the colas, or caffinated beverages, there is Not much
caffine in them to cause dehydration (from the FDA website, and NIH website).
I personally drink 2 to 3 litres of water per day, ON TOP of 1 12 ounce can of
diet pepsi or diet mt dew code red (I buy 36 cans a month a total of 1 24 pk
and 1 12 pk [or 3 12 pks]).
I think that if you want to drink caffinated beverages, that it should be a
individuals choice, and not a whole community problem.. for I love my diet
soda every day... it is like some or most of you drink coffee, I can not
personally stand it.. I wake up every morning and I open me a can of soda to
kick my day off..
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