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Re: [IP] Metal-eating perspiration?

On 8/16/03 1:18 PM, "Kathy Trondsen" <email @ redacted> Demonstrated
stellar typing skills by writing:

> I've been told over the years that the
> reason that any metal except for 24k gold or stainless steel corrodes
> when I wear it for any length of time is that some diabetics have skin
> or sweat that is more acidic than other people's.  My question to the
> list is, if anyone so afflicted has found anything that works to protect
> the metal from the bad effect of prolonged contact with 'acid skin'?

Well, I've had acidic skin all my life, reacting with cheaper jewelry and
some forms of 'Sterling silver'. I would, throughout my 'teens' have to make
sure I wiped off my guitar strings as they would blacken and become fragile
with my skin's 'acid' (I guess)) corroding them. I used a white, cloth
diaper and wiped the strings. The cloth would come away with black streaks.
I now still do this with the guitar strings, but it isn't as bad. Might be
better strings (Phosphor Bronze), I also think having better control of the
DM Helps, but back in the days of my youth and 'teens, I was not IDDM
....not until I was 28!

As far as protecting the metal from the skin, I have an Indian "Squash
Blossom" necklace which I only wear with turtleneck pullovers, or collared
Western Shirts. I otherwise will paint clear nail enamel inside rings and
along the sides for temporary wear.

Otherwise, <Sigh> I guess I'll have to stay with gold....Gee, poor me :-)

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Jenny Sutherland
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