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Re: [IP] Metal-eating perspiration?

It drove me nuts and made me stop wearing a lot of jewelry until a friend
reccomended coating the parts of the jewelry that touch my skin with clear
nail polish. Works for me until the polish wears off.
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Subject: [IP] Metal-eating perspiration?

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> This is slightly off-topic, but I've been told over the years that the
> reason that any metal except for 24k gold or stainless steel corrodes
> when I wear it for any length of time is that some diabetics have skin
> or sweat that is more acidic than other people's.  My question to the
> list is, if anyone so afflicted has found anything that works to protect
> the metal from the bad effect of prolonged contact with 'acid skin'?
>  Seriously, I end up with black marks wherever costume jewelry has been
> worn for any length of time, and silver, of course, tarnishes extremely
> quickly and I have tarnish marks on my skin.  Is there anything like a
> coating for either my skin or the jewelry that would help alleviate
> this?  I can't afford 24k gold for everything, but I've considered
> varnishing my chest and neck . :-)
> Thanks for any advice regarding strategies for coping fashionably with
> the 'skin of death'.
> Kathy Trondsen (who knows this isn't the world's greatest problem, does
> not feel victimized, but just asking for advice).
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