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Re: [IP] The Elite Meter

On 16 Aug 2003 at 10:24, email @ redacted wrote:

> How many of you have The Ascensia Elite Meter? Do you like it? I'm asking 
 > because I have The One Touch Basic now. And I would like to know if The Elite
> is
> a better meter. Does The Elite measure whole blood, like The One Touch or 
> plasma like is done in a doctor's office?

I have an Ascensia Elite.  I switched to it from my One Touch Ultra 
because my insurance gives me a much better co-pay on the Ascensia 

The major differences that I've found are:  

1) Ascensia takes 30 seconds vs. 5 seconds for the One Touch
2) Ascensia takes a slightly larger drop of blood
3) Ascensia strips come individually packaged in foil, which creates 
a lot more trash, as opposed to the One Touch strips that come 
packaged 25 to a canister.

That having been said, I've found that when I do repeat tests with 
the Ascensia, the values are a lot closer together than when I'd do 
repeat tests with the One Touch.  In other words, if I test, then 
test again immediately, the One Touch would sometimes have me 
swinging 20-30 points wide (within the percentage error range 
specified in the manual, but still, kind of disconcerting).  The 
Ascensia has never varied more than about 10-15 points for me, which 
makes me feel a little more secure.

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