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Re: [IP] pregnancy/dm question

On 16 Aug 2003 at 13:21, Julie Murphy wrote:

> Do mothers with dm have to take more time for maternity leave than "normal"
> mothers?  Are dm mothers in the hospital before or after more then "normal"
> mothers?  For dmers who have had babies... how long were you out of work,
> and did you have to be hospitalized before, or for long periods afterwards?

All that having DM and being pregnant means is that you generally see 
your doctor a lot more frequently during the pregnancy, your blood 
sugar goals are lower than for a non-pregnant diabetic, and there are 
a few extra tests that they do on a regular basis.  (For example, 
during this pregnancy, which I started out with frank T2 DM, I'm 
going to be seeing an opthalmologist for a retina check a couple of 
times, which did not happen in my previous pregnancy, in which I was 
only diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 28 weeks.)

There is no reason at all that a mother with DM would need more time 
for maternity leave, would have to stay in the hospital longer, or 
would have to be hospitalized before the birth.  At least, not 
directly because of diabetes.  Mothers with DM are at slightly higher 
risk for developing certain conditions such as high blood pressure, 
and can be at higher risk of needing a C-section, and both those 
thing would lead to greater medical intervention, but assuming all 
goes well, a mother with diabetes can have essentially the exact same 
pregnancy birth experience as a woman without diabetes.

--Jan, currently pregnant with baby #2
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