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Re: [IP] lancing devices

There is definitely a technique to it. First you have to make
sure that the lancet isn't pushed too far into the holder. That
seems to be a common mistake. (Test it to make sure it is out far
enough...the tip of the lancet should be sticking above the hole
slightly, when you discharge it.) Next, set it fairly deep,
around 3, and if that isn't enough, go higher. Next, hold the
device on the arm with some firm pressure for a few seconds
before pushing the button. Hold the pressure while you push the
button and for a few seconds afterwards, before removing the
device. This may leave a slight indentation mark afterwards that
will go away in a few minutes. You may also need to "pump" the
area (without lifting the device off the arm) to make the drop
appear. We've never done the rubbing, etc, just this method, and
haven't had any problems (been using the FreeStyle since it first
came out). My daughter uses the tops of her forearms, between the
elbow and wrist. Hope this helps!

Take care, Kerri, mom to Shannon-almost 13, dx 11/96, pumping
11/99 now w/Cozmo, and 7 other blessings :)
"If money doesn't grow on trees, then why do banks have

Julie said:
So what's the problem?  Are there people who just can't do AST?
I really hate to think that because my fingers are really torn up
and I have to increase my testing again!
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