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Re: [IP] pizza advice needed!

> * 81 prior to eating pizza at 6:30 pm
> * took half humalog to cover initial carbs prior to eating

Did you have any movement (exercise after eating?)

> * 2 hours later 8:30 PM was 116 and took other half of humalo

> * 2 hours later 10:30 PM got checked was 89 all is great! 4 hours into the
> game and sugars are great!
> * woke at 4:30 AM with a sugar of 389!!!

Sounds to me as if you had low during night, rebounded.
Remember, you are using H now, not longer basal.
 With your 2 hr of 116, I would not have taken any more insulin. I would have at
4 hr if Bg were over 145.  YMMV   Linda K
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