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Re: [IP] pizza advice needed!


i'm still a novice myself, but here's what i've found
with "me", and see some for you.

looks like you have a really delayed fat problem.
you might want to experiement a bit more to see
if you react close to the same way with high fat
foods. then you'll know and be able to correct
right for it.

how much protein did the pizza have? often when
i have a high protein dinner, i wake up 300+.
protein turns into glucose 5-6hrs later. that might
be your rise there.

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> ok all, this is odd. Here are the steps:
> * 81 prior to eating pizza at 6:30 pm
> * took half humalog to cover initial carbs prior to eating
> * 2 hours later 8:30 PM was 116 and took other half of humalog
> * 2 hours later 10:30 PM got checked was 89 all is great! 4 hours into the
> game and sugars are great!
> * 11 PM time for bed ate 15 grams of carbs, my normal routine to keep a 80
> sugar in the morning
> * woke at 4:30 AM with a sugar of 389!!!
> I have seen this pattern before when eating pizza... I wake at 3 am to 4
> and am sky rocketed. My sugar prior to bed is normal ranged and at 3 to 4
> I sky rocket for some reason. The only thing I can figure, is the pizza
> something weird and jets my sugar 8 to 9 hours later or the 15 grams of
> carbs somehow ignite the wandering around fat/carbs from the pizza? It
> a liver dump since I ate my snack prior to bed. I am wondering if I should
> take a few more units of UL at 6 PM which peeks at 3 AM for me to cover
> these spikes from pizza? Any advice/insite anyone can offer on this
> behavior?
> Justin
> > Maybe you got lucky for a change? Made up for lunch......:)
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