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Re: [IP] Con of pumping

Anita, just a thought.  My dr told me to correct a bg that high with an
injection and of course, change the site just to be sure.  This has always
worked well for me.  I usually get under control much more quickly  this
way.  Sharon
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From: "Anita C. Goode" <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Saturday, August 16, 2003 1:13 AM
Subject: [IP] Con of pumping

> Hi everyone,
> Notice it's a new subject, and it says con (singular) of pumping.  I'm
> experiencing it RIGHT NOW.  GRRRR.  It's 12:04 a.m. where I am.  I've
> stayed up to make sure my blood sugar is on its way down.  It is.  Here's
> what happened.  Hubby and I met for dinner.  We left his car at his
> office, then went to a concert at our church.  Afterwards, there was ICE
> CREAM.  Well, I felt fine, but decided to check my blood sugar just to be
> sure.  Good thing.  It was 400, then 423.  I'm guessing I didn't fully
> re-connect well after my shower this afternoon.  (My shirt smells like
> insulin - yuck)  I made sure it was connected, but it rose to 500.
> SHEESH!!!  We left his car at his office and came home.  By that time, it
> was back in the 400s, so I figured it was working again.  BUT, I changed
> my site, just in case.  So, I've spent the evening (well, the past 2 1/2
> hours) bolusing, drinking Diet Rite, exercising and testing.  And testing
> for ketones.  The first 2 tests were positive, which, in my case,
> generally means I'm not getting any insulin or a tiny amount.  If I'd
> just mis-calculated the carbs in dinner I might be high (not THAT high)
> but wouldn't have ketones.  Anyway, I'm back in the mid-200s, so it's
> coming down and it looks like the new site is OK.  I hate changing at
> night, just in case it's a bad site.
> Of course, I have to get up bright and early this morning to go with my
> husband to get his car, before we have to get our kids to soccer
> practice.  AND, I'll probably be up half the night because of all of the
> Diet Rite!!!
> After all of that - there's no way I'd go back to shots, I STILL love my
> pump!!!!
> Good night!
> Anita
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