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[IP] Re: WAS Coma ??

>>no long explanation, nor dissertation, is required, nor desired ??
please a simple YES or NO (no guesses please)<<

Yes.  Here are some definitions from the 'net.

Hypoglycemia:  deficiency of glucose concentration in the blood, 
which may lead to nervousness, hypothermia, headache, confusion, and 
sometimes convulsions and coma (from 

Mortality/Morbidity: Delay in treatment can result in profound 
sequelae, including death. Acute sequelae include coma, cardiac 
dysrhythmia, and death (from 

Hypoglycemia: When blood sugar drops and hypoglycemia develops, most 
people will begin feeling weak, drowsy, excessively hungry, and 
dizzy. A person may feel confused or irritable. The person may appear 
pale, may tremble, or feel cold and clammy. A rapid heartbeat may 
also be felt. In severe cases, usually associated with diabetes, a 
person can lose consciousness and lapse into a coma  (from: 
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