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[IP] New Pumper

Hi insulin pumpers and future insulin pumpers! 

I was supposed to be trained and go on the pump Wednesday 8/20 BUT the
nurse had a cancellation and I was "hooked up" on Wednesday 8/13. 

All I can say is WOW. I am on the Paradigm 512 - I didn't have time to
get nervous because the appointment changed with 24 hours notice. After
only 72 hours I wouldn't go back to shots if they paid me. 

My numbers have been higher but I know that it is a learning curve for
the doc with the insulin to carb ratio and for me to accurately count
carbs. My husband and I own our own business and eat out a lot so I know
that it is not going to be easy to count the carbs..but I am determined.

I went back Friday (after only 48 hours) to do my first site change..it
was very easy. The hardest problem is getting all the air bubbles or
"champagne" bubbles out of the reservoir or out of the tubing. I know
that it will get easier over time.  I didn't even feel the actual
insertion (use MM Quickset) or removal of the old one.

I'll keep all of you posted..but anyone who wants to ask questions can
do so on the site or in a private e-mail. I want to share this with the


Dx 4/1999 Pumping with the Paradigm 512 8/2003 

Cathy D. Mann
Creative Impressions, Inc.
245 Waterman St. / St. 403
Providence, RI 02906
401.273.6200 (ph)
401.273.2158 (fax)
email @ redacted
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