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Re: [IP] pizza advice needed!

One thing to remember with pizza ans other high fat foods is that the fat
slows down the 
entire digestive process. Fast carbs take longer to digest, so if you take
a 60/40 approach
you may be taking too much too soon. 

I tried it with 70/30 and found out that 69 2 hours later wasn't good. 

Try a 40/60 approach.


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>Very similar to me this evening... I was 81 (bgs) prior to dosing. I
>calculated 5 units total of humalog for 60 carbs. 3 units taken prior to
>eating and 2 hours later, I was 116 hmmmm. took the other 2 units and now am
>waiting 2 more hours to see what happens. Any ideas why I was only 116? Is
>my digestive system that slow?
>happened to me last week. Meal had about 80 carbs so I
>> used  5.5 units of novolog, seem  the novolog hit before the carbs,
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