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Re: [IP] Con of pumping

> I am curious why you drank Diet Rite instead of water? Won't the
> caffeine make you higher?

Maybe the caffeine is to stay awake? ;)

YYMV.. Caffeine has little to no effect on me.. so I don't think it's fair
to say it works the same with everyone.  Otherwise on days I drink NO
soda/coffee/etc I'd easily be low all the time, as there are days, like
today, where I've had something like 5 or 6 and I didn't break 100 almost
all day (at least at the times I was testing, all in the upper 70's to mid
80's) until I had pizza for dinner and managed an impressive 135 (impressive
for me, pizza normally sends me way over 200 no matter what I do!) ;)  Of
course I also chase after a toddler and a new puppy all day, and the
caffeine is so I don't pass out from sheer exhaustion, so maybe I'm just
"burning off" whatever little bit it raises me.

But yeah, I sympathize with the bad site thing.. it's frustrating.  I had a
sil cannula pull out earlier in the week and I didn't realize that was the
cause of the high BS until I smelled the insulin.. big oops on my part, I
never checked the site until the correction bolus didn't bring me back down,
and then not even until I got that "bandaid smell" did I think to look :(

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