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Re: [IP] Re: Pump Supplies


What insurance company is this? I'm wondering if Jenny's strips would be
covered in the same way. That would be wonderful.


Michelle & Howard Schlight wrote:


  my insurance plan covers the supplies as a disposable medical good tha t I
  have to pay for and get reimbursed 100% for, while the pump is durable
  medical goods, that are replaced every 3 yrs and has a dollar limit

  when i was checking on these facts WITH MY INSURANCE COMPANY, I discovered
  that the strips i have been paying a monthly co pay for...I can send those
  co pays in and they go under the 'disposable' part of our major medical plan
  (the prescription plan is seperate from our medical plan...

  mileage varies greatly!!


  ----- Original Message -----    

    I am not a pumper, but I am inquiring about it.  What are all the supplies
    for the pump?  Is it a monthly supply per prescription? What would it cost
    per month for supplies at $20 per prescription?

    Dustin A. Amundson  

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