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Re: [IP] might not be pumping after all!

At 8:55 PM -0700 8/15/03, <email @ redacted> wrote:
>Remember, it's a 5 year investment in your HEALTH.
>-----Original Message-----
>bad news for me folks. checked with insurance today and they said I had to
>cover 20% of any pump from any company which equates to $1000 which is a
>little steep for my blood. I could see $500 but for not needing the pump,
>meaning not a medical emergency, $1000 seems a bit much to me. I dunno. I am
>going to have to chew on it. Thoughts/advice anyone?

It's more like replacing a kidney when it isn't an emergency.  You 
may not HAVE to do it, but it becomes one of the most significant 
changes in your life.  Whatever the cost, it will be worth it.  Since 
the companies would work out payments with me, I would go the full 
$5000+ knowing what I know now.

(who Loves Life with his battery operated pancreas)
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