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[IP] WAS Coma ?? Was- minutes to give life saving shot

Why is it so difficult to get a simple straight answer ????

please .JUST, answer the question, only the question......(is what im 
asking so ambiguous ?)
if you dont want to answer the question, start a different thread...

 >>Hypos kill, ---------------------Nope.... that didnt answer the question
 >>Hypos can and do kill people. ---------------------Nope.... that didnt 
answer the question either
 >> i thought that HYPERS cause coma --------------- already knew that one
 >>comas are like wifes, --------------------------- i aint gone no where 
near that one
 >>the definition of coma has to include unconsciousness .-------------.Oh 
does that answer come close

CAN HYPO (NOT hyper) HYPOglycemia (old time insulin reaction)
(not some EXTREME  RARE case, but, the kind, most
of us, have experienced way too many times, in our diabetic career )

CAUSE ONE TO GO INTO A COMA ???????????????????????????????
(yes. i though if i raised my voice, the question might be heard a little 

no long explanation, nor dissertation, is required, nor desired ??
please a simple YES or NO (no guesses please)
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