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Re: [IP] Coma ?? Was- minutes to give life saving shot?

Hypos can and do kill people.  Most of the time your liver will kick in 
and dump some glucose and you will come out alright BUT!!! not all the time.
I consider 'coma' as hyper.  Have no idea what 'injection' they had to 
give in three mins..   Unless it was heart meds,

len lutz wrote:

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> >>But the definition of coma has to include unconsciousness
> that is surly true ., but,  the definition of unconsciousness 
> certainly does NOT include, nor even imply coma
> >> diabetic coma referred only to diabetes that was out of control 
> with consistent high blood sugars,
> true or not, this is what i have been lead to believe, as well.....
> >> I replied that a *coma* was like a *wife.*
> ive always thought, that being in a  coma, was (is)  life threatening
> i dont think that my wife is (least i hope not). (hmmmm... maybe i 
> should check)
> so, once again:
> Can one have Low BS (the Old term "Insulin reaction", or, 
> Hypoglycemic) , and be in a coma, as a result ?????
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