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[IP] Re Review of Discovery Health Show

<it WAS quite interesting, and definitely worth the watch.
i did leave it,  with a better understanding of the techniques being used
feeling like a cure was on the way, though no definitive determination, as
to when.>


I hate to disappoint everyone, but this show already aired last November.
So almost another year has past and we're no longer any closer to a cure (as
far as this show is concerned).  For all we know, this show has been
repeated several times.  I'd really be interested in a follow-up to the
woman in the first part of the show to see where she is now since her Islet
Cell Transplant.  Is she back on insulin?  Did it eventually fail, as we've
heard from other people on this site?  And as far as their reference to
"severe" diabetics, I'm pretty sure they're referring to "brittle" Type 1's
who need insulin, as opposed to "mild" type  2's who have "just a touch of
sugar."  LOL!!!  When was this film made anyway?

dx'd 3/02 "severe" diabetic, pumping 8/02
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