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[IP] Coma ?? Was- minutes to give life saving shot?

 >>But the definition of coma has to include unconsciousness

that is surly true ., but,  the definition of unconsciousness certainly 
does NOT include, nor even imply coma

 >> diabetic coma referred only to diabetes that was out of control with 
consistent high blood sugars,
true or not, this is what i have been lead to believe, as well.....

 >> I replied that a *coma* was like a *wife.*
ive always thought, that being in a  coma, was (is)  life threatening
i dont think that my wife is (least i hope not). (hmmmm... maybe i should 

so, once again:
Can one have Low BS (the Old term "Insulin reaction", or, Hypoglycemic) , 
and be in a coma, as a result ?????
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