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Re: [IP] pizza advice needed!

My guess would be 30-40 per slice (reg. pizza, not white pizza)
The fat is in crust, & the more grease used in pan, the crispier the crust, &
fat in cheese, carbs in sauce & abit more fat/carbs in toppings.
All pizzas are not alike.
Your experiment is on.
When at home, I can bolus all insulin with first bite, If I mis-judge,  or eat
a few bites to many, I correct in 2 hr.  By 4hr am ok.
Eat, enjoy, experiment!
Example:  28 carbs in 1 slice Domino's pepperoni pizza
                 38 carbs in 1 slice Donato's pepperoni pizza
This information from Calorie King (thanks to Julie:)
As you experiment with different foods, you may find you need to use a
different insulin/carb ratio for different foods.
I use a 1:5 for breakfast & fatty meals, or if in doubt...YMMV  Linda K

> Yes, theres usually alot of fat in pizza, and fat obsorbs slowly
> which usually you'll see higher numbers 4-6hrs later (ymmv)
> it's better to split any high fat meal. i did the same while on shots.
> just can't get as exact.
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