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[IP] Anna - Surgery Information

Dear Anna,

I've had over 25 surgeries (3 with diabetes 1 on the pump). Since it is
going to major surgery you can ask to speak with the pain management team,
this person is going be keeping an eye on while you are under. Pending on
how long the surgery is they may use IV dextrose. The IV dextrose does come
in different doses like 0.5-5 mg premixed in your IV bag or they can give
you a temporary dose via IV injection. Your doctor may say talk to who ever
manages you diabetes and cut back a little on you Basel rate by putting it
on a "temp Basel", the doctor may cut your Basel down to half. I hope this
little piece of information helps, if I can think of anything else I'll
email ASAP. If not good luck in surgery...

David in sunny California =-)

If you've ever been ill or injured, you probably remember thinking that you
never really appreciated just how valuable your good health was until it was
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remember...if the world didn't suck, we'd all fall off.

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Hello -

I've been trying to find this information elsewhere

but am not having much success...

I am having major surgery on Sept. 10 and am hoping

they will use glucose free IV solution, but in case

they insist on using glucose, does anyone know how to

calculate the grams of carbohydrate in the dextrose


I want to be able to figure out how much insulin to

give myself just in case.

I have heard that some dextrose is necessary in the IV

to prevent ketosis....maybe that is a reason to have

it? Has anyone had major abdominal surgery (i'm

having a myomectomy, not laparoscopic, but via

lapartotomy ? How long until I can eat?

Thanks in advance for any help or advice. you can

email me off post if you wish.

Anna in Seattle

nervously awaiting surgery

dxd 05/80 pumping since 05/03 - paradigm


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