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[IP] Re: 3 minutes to give life saving shot?

>>> I was told that a
 diabetic coma referred only to diabetes that was out of control with
high blood sugars, and it did not come on over night like a low (insulin
 reaction) can. >>>

But the definition of coma has to include unconsciousness. I was on another
list where a guy said he'd had many of those diabetic *comas.* (his quotes).
I replied that a *coma* was like a *wife.* I know Thomas Beatson and I both
were dix'd in comas - out of it completely requiring coming to. I came to
under an oxygen tent with 3 IV needles in me (1 in arm, the others in the

>>>I have never heard of a life saving shot for hyperglycemia or
hypoglycemia.  >>>

Glucagon is an injection for hypoglycemia. It's been out since around the
mid '80s and causes the liver to release glycogen.

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