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[IP] 288 high sugar help!

Hi all.

I am on humalog and UL for now and going to a pump soon. I noticed that at 3
pm when my UL was peeking I was running low. So I said I don't need that UL
in the morning shot. I get checked prior to 12 noon and was 69. I carb count
and correctly dose humalog. I get checked at 2 pm (2 hours later) and am
288!! Why the heck would that happen just by me dropping the UL? I had 2
pieces of bread 17 carbs a piece, 1 medium apple 20 carbs, and 1 rice crispy
treat 16 carbs and dosed my H accordingly at 1:13 ratio which has worked all
other lunches accept I'd get low at 3 pm from the UL. This is why I dropped
the UL in the morning to avoid the afternoon low and just not have to eat a
snack since I am not hungry anyway. Any ideas why the H didn't cover the
carbs/same lunch it did yesterday with UL in place? Yesterday, same lunch I
was 81 at 2 PM.

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