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[IP] "severe type"

At the beginning it seemed to refer to Type 1 alone.  later it might have
referred to type 1 *with* a serious complication, but I remember that lady's
mom saying the Dr said she had "severe diabetes" when diagnosed as a 6 year
old.  I'm thinking it was just a poor choice of words used to represent type

And yeah, I agree, where the heck were pumps?  I mean, I was only diagnosed
about a year before I got my pump, and with good control (a1c's less than
6.5) I expect I'll live as long as the rest of my family.. we're all plagued
by heart disease, and I figure that will kill me long before D does, unless
they try to argue that D *caused* the heart disease.. pumping is a HUGE
improvement for most people over MDI, and heck, even testing 8-10 times a
day is a huge imrovement over someone just testing 4 times a day on MDI..

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