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Re: [IP] pizza advice needed!

Justin I'd hit www.calorieking.com and check from
the place you are ordering from. (if it's a big chain)
otherwise maybe find something simular. i've called
the pizza place and "begged" them for the info before :-)
that always works.

good luck, i generally have my pizza with only "white"
sauce (garlic sauce) and pepperoni + veggies on thin
crust. i figure its about 100gm shoot 1/2 when i eat
and at 2hr shoot other half. usually by 4-5hrs i'm good.


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Sent: Friday, August 15, 2003 9:54 AM
Subject: [IP] pizza advice needed!

> Hi all.
> my wife is ordering pizza this evening and it is my first time carb
> for it and dosing humalog. I know each pizza place is different and YMMV
> as a general rule of thumb, how many carbs are there in a 4 inch by 4 inch
> square piece of pepperoni and cheese pizza that is middle-sized crust (not
> thin crust). What should I watch out for when eating pizza? Any help or
> advice will be greatly appreciated!
> Justin
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