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[IP] important please read!

Hi all.

a new meter, brought to my attention by another list, is in the making. It
lets you test your blood via your ear and no pricking. The company is
entertaining the idea of speech enabling this unit for blind diabetics.

I am asking that you would please consider emailing the company, as a
sighted diabetic, informing them that you have a blind diabetic friend that
could really benefit by this unit having speech that would speak to them
what is on the screen. You don't have to let them know that you only know 1
blind person smiles, that isn't the point, the point is you know a blind
person that could benefit from the feature.

So please, consider emailing this company for me and saying hey! put speech
in the unit so it will speak to blind folks what is on the screen. This
would make it so easy for me to check... no pricking and trying for 30
minutes to get blood on a strip and having it spoke to me!

Please email email @ redacted asking them to add speech to the unit for
the blind and you can read about it at:


the more people that email them, the more they will entertain the idea.
Please, do email them for me!

thank you,

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