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[IP] Novolog Versus Humalog

Just my .02.  I was forced to switch to Novolog recently because my 
insurance decided that Novolog was cheaper.  I have had to increase my 
basal rates (as much as .from 7 to 1.0) and boluses (from 1:10 to 2:10) on 
this insulin.  I also get more itchy sites and swelling than on 
Humalog.  It seemed everyone was having better luck on Novolog, so I wanted 
to give the other side.  I have not gained weight recently (actually lost), 
and I have not done anything different from Humalog.  I actually had a few 
older bottles, switched back and got the better results again.
Alicia, type 1 20 years, pumping 5, minimed 508
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