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[IP] Review of Discovery Health show

I was frustrated with the beginning of the show only because it could lead 
 one to believe that all diabetics are "fragile," I have never blacked out when
driving, I have never passed out from a low (yet), I don't think about dying 
every day, I'm a diabetic and I wasn't the person they were potraying.  I just 
kinda rolled my eyes, looked at my hubby and said "well, now that anyone who 
watches this will be afraid to let their kids in the car that I'm driving, 
 maybe this will also get a few more bucks into research." After the depressing
beginning of the show, I did enjoy the advances made made with islet cell 
 tranplants. By the end of the show I was feeling hopeful that I might see a
cure in
my lifetime.  I have never ever really believed that before, so it was 
 encouraging at the end. I was thinking what it would be like to not check
and count carbs and that was kinda wierd, it is such a part of every day life 

In a message dated 8/15/2003 12:28:35 AM Central Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> the show began, with a statement how diabetes is a major killer, and cause 
> of early kidney disease, and blindness (not that too many of us, are 
> unaware of that).
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