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[IP] Re:Trying pumps

At 1:01 AM -0500 8/15/03, probent wrote:
>     You may be the ideal person to give a consumer's( short timer) report
>since few of us have been able to sample so many. Three pump tests are the
>most that I can remember being used before a purchase.        Peter

I tried four.  The Dana Diabecare II, the Disetronic D-tron, the 
Minimed Paradigm and the Animas R1000.    The Deltec Cozmo and the 
Nipro Amigo had not been released by the time I made my decision or 
they would have been tried also.  Anyone who buys a pump without 
trying a few may be in for a rude awakening.  What you are told by 
others (users and reps) and what you experience can vary greatly.  I 
would NOT make a decision on a brochure or video alone.  It is only 
by operating a pump (with saline) that you will understand how that 
pump will fit in your life.

TRY before you BUY!


>  > Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2003 13:38:50 +0200
>  > From: Nicolas Eisen <email @ redacted>
>  > I was wondering how do you choose and buy a pump where ever you live?
>>  Here, in France, you can try them before you buy them, for example
>>  I hesitate between the cozmo and the anima so two weeks of one and two
>  > of the other and then, as an informed customer, I can make my choice.
>  > Nicolas Eisen
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