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Re: Re: [IP] !!! Help Please!!!

 Have you thought about going on ebay? I know a lot of people on this this list
don't agree with people selling pumps on ebay, however you can often find pumps
for sale at low prices. They are usually older pumps (They have usually bought a
newer model), but it sounds like you would be happy with any pump. Good luck.
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From: Becca S <email @ redacted>
Sent: 08/14/03 05:25 PM
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Subject: Re: [IP] !!! Help Please!!!

> My physician is the one that suggested it to me. I did the research on the
pump (minimed, cozmo, deltec, diesatronic, dana, ect) he filled out all
paperwork for a mini med for that is what we came up that would be the
one for me. I have had a C-Peptide done it was NEGATIVE (should be after
25 years of being a type 1 diabetic since age 3). I have been in and out
hospital for the last 10 years because of diabetes and diabetes related
complications. Two weeks ago I ended up in hospital with a 11 mg/dL on the
paramedics metre (yeah, and I was just waiting for food to come. so I
eat). Medicare/Medicaide have determined that I can stabilize my sugars
fine on the Lantus/NovoLog (NovoRapid) as I would on the pump. hence why
will not pay for one. but they said in the letter that I got yesterday,
if I was able to afford the pump on my own, they would cover the cost of
tubing and supplies... go figure (and you gotta take in to fact that
does NOT pay for the Lantus - I do, for I am on a HMO, and they have
determined that Lantus (insulin glargine) works just as good as NPH
protamine hegadorn)... so go figure...

Rebecca (Becca)
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