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[IP] Review of Discovery Health show tonight

for those who were unable to watch it...

i began to watch this with my 11 year old daughter. She has done a project 
on diabetes, so i thought we'd watch it together. .
the show began, with a statement how diabetes is a major killer, and cause 
of early kidney disease, and blindness (not that too many of us, are 
unaware of that).
I dont think that hit my daughter was quite ready to hear that.
it seems to hit a little hard, and she went and watched a little lighter 
programming, like csi.... ;-)

first, it did appear to be quite informative and accurate, except for one 
portion (i think).
let me first say, that, although ive been able to , at this point, survive 
i in no way admit, to knowing all that much about it...
i THOUGHT, that COMA , was brought on by high BS, ONLY.... the program 
that "low bs, could bring on coma". my thought is, that this was an error, 
but, like i said,
i could be totally wrong....

BTW, i think they got type II, and type I correct, for those concerned.

i  was quite surprised, that the only treatment for (type i) diabetes, was 
whether you think the pump is, or isnt a cure, is your own personal choice, 
i dont think that any of us, dont consider the pump a viable treatment 
it was never mentioned, even once. (obviously, not a cure, but a pretty 
decent treatment, IMO)

The main subjects, were people, who had a difficult time, either keeping 
control, with mdi,
or having complications... and, for them, different types of transplants 
were discussed.
(mostly cells, in one form, or another)
it WAS quite interesting, and definitely worth the watch.
i did leave it,  with a better understanding of the techniques being used and
feeling like a cure was on the way, though no definitive determination, as 
to when.
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