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[IP] Re: Minimed Paradigm Pump

Ryan - Thank you for taking time to, point by point, respond to each of these 
comments.  I agree completely! 

it's literally upside down when programming a bolus or 
> general use when you're wearing it. 

 Then wear it the other way! I use the clip that you can easily remove the 
from.  But, I nothing about it "upside down" when I use it attached.  You can 

also just pull the pump off your belt, etc.

>The priming function is ridiculously complicated between having to rewind,
>remove portions of the syringe, even inserting the syringe into the insulin
>vial, is way too complicated!!  Nothing intuitive about this lousy design!  
>Plus none of the supplies are interchangeable from previous pumps showing 
>further wasteful mentality from Minimed.  

 I have to wonder if you are doing something wrong. Priming is rather simple 
me.  The biggest problem I experience is trying to get all the air-bubbles 
out...but I would have that problem regardless of which pump I have.  :-)  Do 

you not have to rewind ALL pumps in some way?

1. Rewind and remove the old reservoir
2. Connect new reservoir to the insulin bottle and fill.
3. Attach tubing to reservoir and insert into pump.
4. Prime
5. Insert infusion set and to fixed prime.  

This takes only a few minutes (except when, as I mentioned above, I get a lot 

of little bubbles).  

>The time and date now longer display routinely which is a huge
>inconvenience when a user gets used to relying on that information.  Now to
>display it you have go through numerous screens and buttons before it will
>even display!  More foolishness!!

Press the Esc key ONCE and you have the date/time displayed, plus last bolus, 

 any warning messages, current basal rate, and battery status. Not sure why 
are going through "numerous screens and buttons".  There is ONE button press 
and ONE screen.  

>And the battery life is outrageously LOW.  The previous batteries (which
>are readily available in the hearing aid section from any drug store for
>someone buying them in a store if they don't get them from MiniMed) lasted
>so much longer??  Why would a designer move away from something that worked
>to complete inefficiency??!!  In my first week with the Paradigm, the AAA 
> battery lasted only FOUR DAYS!!!! They suggest that AAA batteries are 
>cheaper; what kind of cost savings is that if they battery has to be changed 

>almost twice a week????!!!  (In addition to the inconvenience.)  It is this 
>reason specially that I am going back to my old pump. 

You likely either had a bad battery or a bad brand.  Also, you should see 
other features you had enabled, such as the remote and/or meter, which takes 
more battery power.

I consistantly get 3-4 weeks out of a battery.  The only exceptions have been 

when I used energizers or duracells.  These I only got a week from.  I use 
Rayovac or Kodak Xtralife, and get about a month.

>Additionally to claim that it's 33% smaller than prior pumps is a blatant
>lie.  Maybe it's 5% smaller due to the rounded edges, but even with the belt 

>clip, it seems actually larger!! 

I have compared the Paradigm to the 508. It is definitely smaller.  Also, 
remember that the total size isn't in any one dimension, but total volume.  
doesn't take a huge difference in dimensions for the total volume of the pump 

casing to be 33%.  Plus, many of the other pumps are larger than the 508.

>And with the belt clip in place you can't read any of the information (e.g.
>phone numbers) on the back of the pump.  Granted this is only an
>occassional need, but given how extremely difficult it is to apply and
>remove this just another example of really bad design.

MM offers at least 3 different belt clips.  There is the one that the pump 
slides in and out of easily made of plastic (sort of like a pager holder).  
There is the leather one.  ANd there is the slim one that clips to the back.  

>The key features copied from the Cozmo insulin pump are the rare beneficial
>elements for the user.  It provides automatic readings from one type of 
>although not one covered by my insurance but it does allow for manual entry. 

Correction...MM patented the idea of the meter/pump combo way back in 1999 
was it 1997).  I don't think they "copied" anything from Cozmo.  :-)

>For example, blood glucose tracking and suggested corrections are nice even 
>though this still has numerous errors which can actually be dangerous to the 

>user. But these features are of minimal benefit to an experienced diabetic 
>who can figure out how much insulin to take based on how many carbs they're 

The target of this feature is NOT the experienced carb-counting pump user, 
those who are new to carb counting, or youth.  

>Finally, they still offer NO means of connecting the data to a computer for
>tracking and trending.  If the idea of tracking the info was to save the
>time in having to write everything down, they've leaft the user hanging.
>Minimed says it will be ready eventually,  sometime in the next several

I thought they announced the date that this software is to be available for 
certain.  I could be wrong, though.

>I had considered the Cozmo.  I'm not sure if it's any better.  If anyone has 

>any feedback in comparison with the issues noted above, please let me know. 

I think you are making many invalid complaints against the Paradigm.  Not 
 why. I don't claim they are a perfect company or anything...but the points 
have above are very invalid.
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