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[IP] High blood sugars and coffee

 >>I ask because I experience what I call the "haul your lazy butt out of
 >>and get moving"  blood sugar spike.  Regardless of what I eat or drink in
 >>the morning--and even if I eat or drink nothing--I experience a dramatic
 >>spike in blood sugar about 1-1/2 hours after rising.

Okay - so maybe the problem isn't the coffee. I know I also have the "feet
hit the floor" syndrome. I can wake up with a perfectly okay bg but then, in
order to keep it that way, I have to race to the kitchen and have a small
breakfast asap. If I take a shower first I will need a correction bolus, if
I eat before the shower the usual carb/insulin ratio is fine. We all know
there is no reason for this, it just happens. I would suggest a slice of
toast with the coffee with a bolus for the creamer and the toast and maybe
you won't get the bg spike?? On the other hand, maybe you will. Isn't life
fun? Donna
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