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[IP] question about changing insulin



My daugher, 9 at the time, returned home from camp with a bottle of
novolog.  She was on humalog at the time.  I stuck the novolog in the
fridge and kept it as a just incase back-up.  The next two weeks brought
erratic bgs that the humulog just couldn't level.  Her sites were being
changed every other day.  I was desparate for a change.  After attempting
to get ahold of her doc with no success, we made the change to novolog. 
It was a great change.  Her sites last atleast 3-4 days.  She never
complains of stinging with large boluses.  It has never gone bad in her
pump from the heat.  My only complaint is that it is not on our
insurances formulary drug list so we pay $50 for two bottles of insulin.
instead of $20 but it has been worth it. If it were me, I would change
his insulin before school starts.  Amelia's basals decreased a little but
no drastic changes.

Cheri McCurdy

Mom to Amelia, Age 10, D 1-00 and P 12-00!

Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2003 19:38:00 -0500 (Central Daylight Time)
From: "Carla Logan" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] question about changing insulin

Can anyone tell me if there are any negatives in changing from humalog to
novalog on the insulin pump?  My son is 7 years old and we have been
for about a month and a half.  We have used Humalog since his dx in July
2002 with no apparent problems.

We have had good basal values and good bolus values on the pump until the
past 2 weeks.  By 48 hours, we are seeing really high numbers (in the
and are correcting with boluses to get us to the 3rd day.  To further<!
BR>complicate matters, we have been eating a gluten-free diet due to a
recent dx of celiac disease for the past couple of weeks.  His high
could be the result of absorption changes as his intestines are healing.

I guess, bottom line, is we have been told by our doc that we can try and
change his insulin to see if that helps and I want to make sure that is a
change before we jump right to that.



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