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Re: [IP] High blood sugars and coffee

> At 11:41 PM 8/13/03 -0400, you wrote:
>  >I have been wondering if anyone else has had the same experience I have
>  >having with my morning coffee (with creamer).  1 cup of my coffee has 5
> grams
>  >of carbs.  I always test before my coffee, take some insulin to correct,
>  > necessary, and bolus according to my 1/23 insulin/carb. ratio. It
>  >takes
>  >me from 20 minutes to 1/2 hour to finish my cup.  I usually bolus for
>  > coffee as soon as I pour it. After about 1 hour my blood sugar is sky
>  >rocketing, sometimes up 200 more than I started.
> What is in your coffe that gives it 5 grams of carbs?  Mine has nothing
> water and coffee bean oil. No carbs at all, and, boy, does it taste
> good!  (Thanks, Tom!)


You didn't specify what kind of coffee are you drinking -- no, not Folgers
vs. Maxwellhouse.  If you are drinking coffee with caffeine, that can be
part of the reason you are  spiking.  In a nutshell, the caffeine is a
stimulant which makes the body release bits of adrenaline to wake you up.
The adrenaline in turn makes sugar.  (I'm sure that there are more medically
employed people who can give a much move clear definition here.

My insulin carb ratio is 1:2.  A cup of black coffee requires 10 units of
insulin. I do fine with this ratio.   YMMV

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