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[IP] Re: High blood sugars and coffee

hmmm, i was once diabnogsed with Dawn Ph. and the spike is the same time of
morning, but here is a real kicker, if i get up, before it hits, like 5 AM,
and do regular stuff, fix breakfast, insulin, it is like i avoid it, (I am
taking insulin for what i eat, as the BG is 'normal') however, if I lay in
bed another half hour, it has started to climb, and then it is all

maybe i have DP-COffeee, get out of bed 1.5?????

who is simply amazed a t how much YMMV, even on your self, with identical
(As close a spossible) circumstnaces, leave alone all of us being so
different, unique,  and everything

----- Original Message ----- >
> >I ask because I experience what I call the "haul your lazy butt out of
> >and get moving"  blood sugar spike.  Regardless of what I eat or drink in
> >the morning--and even if I eat or drink nothing--I experience a dramatic
> >spike in blood sugar about 1-1/2 hours after rising.
> funny... i think the same thing, might be happening to me, but, the idea
> of a "morning without the coffee", so as to determine it,
> is simply to undesirable, to be worth proving.
> is this different, from "Dawn Phenomena" ??
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