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RE: [IP] sugar alcohols

 --- On Thu 08/14, < email @ redacted > wrote:

 From: [mailto: email @ redacted]To: email @ redacted: Thu, 14
Aug 2003 14:28:29 +0000Subject: RE: [IP] sugar alcohols
 >For example, if I am baking with Splenda, I have to count it as a carb
>depending on the amount I am using.Liz
 I have to question you on the Splenda thing. Splenda is not any form of
actualcarbohydrate. What they did was modify the sugar molecule (sucrose,
actually) so that the body is unable to digest it (they form sucralose out of
it). It leaves your body completely intact. No digestion of Splenda takes place
at all. I'm curious how you are managing to find Splenda raising your BGL since
it never converts to glucose in any way shape or form, unlike sugar alcohols,
 Having said that...there are SOME carbs in the Splenda used for baking that
arethe result of the corn starch that they "dilute" it in. So, you SHOULD count
those carbs. But Splenda as found in commercial products such as Diet Rite,
etc., should have no affect on BGL.
 Ryan, I don't use enough Splenda normally anyway. With that said, I did say
*depending*. It doesn't affect me in my soda (and notice I used the singular
here and not plural) And it doesn't affect me from my one cup of coffee per day.
But if I use it in my baking, the amount I use CAN affect me if I use enough to
count as a carb. That is why I said what I did and the way I did, ok? I know
that in sodas and in most normal use, Splenda does not affect most diabetics
(there are always exceptions to any rule, called YMMV, right?) and it has been
the best thing that has happened to many. I wish that they used Splenda in more
products. It's just in baking, right now, that *I* have to worry about the
carbs. Liz

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