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Re: [IP] High blood sugars and coffee

>I ask because I experience what I call the "haul your lazy butt out of bed
>and get moving"  blood sugar spike.

>> is this different, from "Dawn Phenomena" ??

In MY opinion, yes they are very different.  MY understanding is that Dawn
Phenomena is when the blood sugars start to rise "around dawn" and spike in
the morning.  When the individual wakes up and tests their blood sugar it is
high.  (Unless you have your basals set to counteract this properly).  It is
usually pretty predictable when the spike happens and isn't usually affected
by when the person gets up.

On the other hand, the "haul your lazy butt out of bed and get moving" blood
sugar spike is totally dependent on when the person gets up.  For me, I wake
up in the morning and without getting out of bed test.  My bg this morning
was 102.  Then I get out of bed and check my email and then go downstairs to
get some breakfast.  At this time I still haven't eaten, and only 1/2 hour
has past, and my bg is 245.  I find I need to take a bolus when I get up or
this will happen ( i forgot this morning).  Now this morning I got up at
8:30am.  This happens when I get up at 5:00am for work or at 12:00pm for
weekends.  I don't see a spike in my sleeping bgs at all, but always see the
spike upon waking AND moving.  So my basals seem in order.

As always, YMMV.  From the description I gave above, I seem to experience
both.  <groan>.  However, growing up I had the reverse of dawn phenomenon.
My bgs would spike when I went to bed and take a dive every morning around
6:00am.  You don't think that had anything to do with the large shot of NPH
they told me to take before bed do you?  ;-)  Now I find that I need
increased basals when I sleep.  Currently I go to bed around midnight, and
my basals go from .4 to .7 then, at 3am it goes up to 1.0, at 5am back to
.7, and at 7am they go to .5.  The rest of the day my basals are at either
.5 or .4.

-- Sherry
dxd 8/80 pump 12/99
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