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Re: [IP] High blood sugars and coffee

"What is in your coffe that gives it 5 grams of carbs?  Mine has nothing but 
water and coffee bean oil. No carbs at all, and, boy, does it taste 
good!  (Thanks, Tom!)

Do you experience this spike only when you drink coffee, or does it happen 
also when you get up early and don't indulge in the java?  You have tried 
that, right?  Or is that too much to ask? <vbg>

I ask because I experience what I call the "haul your lazy butt out of bed 
and get moving"  blood sugar spike.  Regardless of what I eat or drink in 
the morning--and even if I eat or drink nothing--I experience a dramatic 
spike in blood sugar about 1-1/2 hours after rising.

I have compensated tor this by raising my early morning basals to 
accommodate the spike on the days I get up early (before 6:00 or so).  I 
also have to be careful to re-set them for those days I sleep in late, or I 
will go low.   Others I know take an early morning "getting out of bed" 
bolus to accommodate the same rise.

Waiter! Waiter! Percolater!
I like coffee, I like tea...


The carbs in my coffe comes from my creamer.

I couldn't tell you if my blood sugar would spike without the coffee! 
I guess I'll need to do a morning fast to test my BG's-haven't done that in 
ug-I'll have to get out the Tyleonol for the headache I'll get!  If that's 
the price I have to pay for my coffee, so be it!

Lynn S.
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