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[IP] High blood sugars and coffee

I have been wondering if anyone else has had the same experience I have been 
having with my morning coffee (with creamer).  1 cup of my coffee has 5 grams 
of carbs.  I always test before my coffee, take some insulin to correct, if 
 necessary, and bolus according to my 1/23 insulin/carb. ratio. It usually takes
me from 20 minutes to 1/2 hour to finish my cup.  I usually bolus for the 
 coffee as soon as I pour it. After about 1 hour my blood sugar is sky
sometimes up 200 more than I started.  So does anyone have any explanation 
for this?  Drinks usually raise my blood sugar mush quicker than food.  I'm 
 wondering if it is because the coffee is hot? I would also appreciate any
in how to fix it.   
Lynn S.
"D" for 34 years. pumping for 9 months AND mom to Jesse, age 13,"D" for 8 
years, working on getting a pump.
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