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Re: [IP] calculating grams of CHO in IV solution

I believe hospitals etc use 5% dextrose in water.  I'm sure there is a 
way to calculate the gramsm BUT!!!! I can't remember.
I'd talk to my surgon about the dextrose.  The usual procedure  in 
pre-op is to start a IV of 5% dextrose, mainly to keep a vain open in 
case something should happen that they need a vain to inject in.   Most 
doctors have a standard pre-op orders that tell the nurses what to do.  
Unless he changes the orders they will start the dextrose!!!   Before my 
bypass surgery, if my glucose went over 400 I had sever angina.    I 
went in for the Dr to clean out my caroid(?) and sure enought they 
started the IV and gave me a 'happy pill'  the angina hit about 45 mins 
later  as they wheeled me to the OR,  ( my fasting glucose that morning 
was 122)   Dr did admit later that he 'forgot' to change the pre-op 
orders.  They delayed the surgery  untill they could get my glucose down 
and check the heart etc.  A lot of red faces, But I survived :)

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>Hello -
>I've been trying to find this information elsewhere
>but am not having much success...
>I am having major surgery on Sept. 10 and am hoping
>they will use glucose free IV solution, but in case
>they insist on using glucose, does anyone know how to
>calculate the grams of carbohydrate in the dextrose
>I want to be able to figure out how much insulin to
>give myself just in case.
>I have heard that some dextrose is necessary in the IV
>to prevent ketosis....maybe that is a reason to have
>it?  Has anyone had major abdominal surgery (i'm
>having a myomectomy, not laparoscopic, but via
>lapartotomy ?  How long until I can eat?
>Thanks in advance for any help or advice. you can
>email me off post if you wish.
>Anna in Seattle 
>nervously awaiting surgery
>dxd 05/80 pumping since 05/03 - paradigm 
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