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[IP] question about changing insulin

Can anyone tell me if there are any negatives in changing from humalog to
novalog on the insulin pump?  My son is 7 years old and we have been pumping
for about a month and a half.  We have used Humalog since his dx in July of
2002 with no apparent problems.

We have had good basal values and good bolus values on the pump until the
past 2 weeks.  By 48 hours, we are seeing really high numbers (in the 300's)
and are correcting with boluses to get us to the 3rd day.  To further
complicate matters, we have been eating a gluten-free diet due to a very
recent dx of celiac disease for the past couple of weeks.  His high numbers
could be the result of absorption changes as his intestines are healing.

 I guess, bottom line, is we have been told by our doc that we can try and
change his insulin to see if that helps and I want to make sure that is a safe
change before we jump right to that.
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