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[IP] Re: Sugar Alcohols

Well, that's the other big food lie.  Sugar alcohols raise MY blood sugar,
only not as fast as regular sugar.  So it doesn't spike, but it's still
elevated later on (YMMV).  Sugar alcohols are on Dr. Bernstein's list of "No
No's in a Nutshell" for this reason.  Also, watch out for the low-carb foods
this article refers to with their claims of "net carbs" and "effective
carbs", etc.  I've tried a few of the low-carb protein bars and bolused for
the so-called "net carbs" only to have a high BG 1-2 hours later.  One gram
of sugar/carbs raises my BG between 6-7 points, so I was able to determine
that the "other carbs" that were supposedly ineffective should have been
included in the total carbs and bolused for also.  I find this sort of
deceptive food labeling really frustrating.


<I read this article and was just wondering.....I keep hearing that sugar
alcohols don't effect diabetics blood sugars.  I assume that this is type
2?  Should type 1's count all of the carbs?  Just curious?

Cheri McCurdy>


<I don't know how many of you get to watch the Today Show but they were
a segment on Low carb foods. What caught my ear (cause I was listening more
watching) was the truth in labeling part. Anyway, here is the link to the
article that was part of the segment. I don't know how long it will remain
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