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[IP] morning basal change

Well, first of all, I'm surprised the instructions are to change your basal 
rate ONE hour before.  Typically, I've heard you need to change it 2 hours 
before the rise, which is what I do.

And, you should change your rate from when the rise BEGINS.  So, in your case, 
the rise practically begins at 7:40, and rises during that next hour.

So, using your 1 hour instruction, that would mean changing your basal rate 
starting at 6:40.  (So, 7:00 is probably the closest time, but likely you'll 
have to increase it one hour earlier.)

My basal rate increases starting 2 1/2 hours before I typically wake up.  This 
prevents the rise that I otherwise would see as a result of waking up.  (The 
 act of waking up and starting to move will trigger the body to release a bit of
glycagen, etc., in some people.)  For me, I have found that if I test RIGHT 
away, while I'm still in bed, and then test again 15 minutes later after I've 
been moving around, I'll see a dramatic rise already in just 15 minutes.  For 
you, it is possible that you went from 98 to 145 within the first 20 minutes, 
but didn't test until 8:40.  


>I am doing a morning basal check and as I have never done this before, 
>I'm unsure of what to do next.  At 7:40am my BG was 98.  At 8:40, it was 
>144.  I did not eat anything this morning.   My directions said if BG 
>goes up between 20-30 points, then change basal by .1U/H 1 hour before I 
>saw the change in BG.  When should I change the rate, at 7:30?  My 
>morning basal starts at 7:00am.  Sorry that I'm so thickheaded, I just 
>don't understand this very well.
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