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[IP] Re: Minimed Paradigm Pump (air bubbles)

>i think i was having some air bubble problems, a few months ago....
>i hold the pump, in my left hand, and stretch the tubing, with my right
>i  "lightly" "snap it taught".....
>(the snapping, is like the old days, of "flicking" the syringe....)

 Thanks, Len...but I was merely referring to the air bubbles that you get in the
reservoir while filling it.  Basically, you push air into the insulin bottle 
from the reservoir, flip the bottle/reservoir over, and then pull the insulin 
into the reservoir.  This action frequently results in all of these 
tiny "champaign" bubbles.  The larger bubbles are easy to eliminate, but when 
these tiny bubbles form, it usually takes several minutes of doing "tap, tap, 
tap" to the reservoir, and then pushing the bubbles out, repeatedly.  Once I 
stop seeing bubbles being injected back into the insulin bottle, I refill the 
reservoir all the day and do one more "tap, tap, tap" and slight push of the 
plunger to ensure there are no more bubbles.  

When I don't get the champaign bubbles, the whole process is MUCH quicker.  
But, I usually get them every other time.  ;-/  It isn't really a problem with 
the reservoir design...just that if you pull insulin into the reservoir where 
there is already air at the top, the air gets mixed into the insulin as little 
tiny bubbles.  :-)

This is all BEFORE I ever connect it to the tubing, etc.

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