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[IP] Re: Minimed Paradigm Pump

 I think some type of rewinding is still done in some fashion, but perhaps under
different terminology (kind of like how some pumps offer an "extended bolus" 
and others have a "square wave", etc.)

 But, when you refill the pump, the piston that drives the insulin out has to be
retracted in some way.  Perhaps this is done automatically or manually in some 
pumps.  On the Paradigm, there is, under the Prime menu, the option 
 to "Rewind". This is what retracts the piston that drives the insulin from the

I noticed on the Animas pump instructions, that you have to flip open a panel 
 in order to insert the reservoir. It is possible that this action releases the
piston mechanism so that the reservoir can be inserted.  In this way 
the "rewind" action is built into the action of flipping open the door.  Of 
course, there is no door to flip open on the Paradigm, so you are sort of 
trading one action for another.


>> Do you not have to rewind ALL pumps in some way? >
>My 20th pumping anniversary is in 10 days and I have used 5 pumps. I do not
>know nor do I have a clue of what you mean by *rewinding* as none of mine
>ever had to be. This is another case of what we have is what we learn *all*
>to be. YMMV (~_^)
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