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Re: [IP] first day of humalog!

I don't bother with the 2 hr check.  I do the 3 hr and go from there, 
since most of my 3 hr are closer to the norm. 

Justin Daubenmire wrote:

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>Hi All.
>My first day of taking humalog is here!I got tested at 6:30 AM this morning
>was 134. I used an insulin to carb ratio of 1:13. I drew a shot of my first
>dose of H (going on pump in 2 months)!! ate my breakfast and 2 hours later
>bgs was 145. I then checked
>the 3 hour mark and was 92.  Question, since I dropped from 145 to 92 in 1
>hour, do you think 1:13 is a good ratio even though I spiked up to 145 2
>hours past eating breakfast?
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