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[IP] Re: insulin and airport x-ray scans

I just got off the phone with the medical department at Novo-Nordisk
regarding this issue.  The rep I spoke with said pretty much the same thing,
BUT said it isn't necessarily the heat generated by x-rays that may cause
the insulin to break down, but something about the process of x-raying
itself that affects the protein molecules.  So even if it's in a cold pack,
it may still be compromised so it's not recommended that it pass through the
x-ray machine.  She also said there was no actual scientific proof of this
but a general theory.  So it's better to be safe than sorry and have your
insulin hand-inspected by security.



> I was told that there is a possibility of the x-rays damaging the insulin
> the CS Rep at Lilly. While it isn't a common occurence, it is possible,
> if you have tp go through security more than once. It depends on if the
> security people stop the belt and examine the bag for a longer time, too.
>  I usually pack an unopened vial and the one I am using, plus a bottle of
> Lantus. Rather than take the chance of getting to a foreign country with
> insulin  that isn't up to par. I usually pack it in an insulated lunch
container with
> one of those freezer packs to keep it cold, or in a Frio pack. Then there
> any question.
> Susan
> > Subject: [IP] Re: insulin and airport x-ray scans
> > Yes, the insulin is damaged by heat and the x-rays generate heat.
> > If it is not packed with a cold pack, and if it passes through the
> it
> > may be damaged.
> > Susan
> Hi Susan,
> Yes, insulin can be damaged by heat; but, in my opinion the X-rays used in
> airports for screening do not cause an appreciable heat buildup.
> It would be helpful if someone could provide us with a reputable source of
> scientific information confirming the quantity of heat increase in a 10 cc
> vial of insulin carried within luggage that is going through one, or more,
> airport X-ray security checks?
> Thanks,
> Hal
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